Audio Demo

Audition CD, pre screening application for schools/orchestra/job application/YAP application, website clips, whatever the need is, we have you covered.

We fixed the source:  The source is your comfort zone! It is simple: if you don’t feel good, your recording will not be good. Most musicians have apprehensions towards the recording process. At Studio 113 we are removing as many apprehension as possible: you will never feel that you are in an austere recording studio, communicating through a glass and speakers. You will feel home, in a gorgeous pre-war setting. We will guide you through the process so you don’t get exhausted vocally and mentally and make sure that you feel your best at all times. We will treat you as a musician, not a client!

We have comfortable couches, fantastic espresso and a wide variety of tea (free). Just tell us what you would like, chances are we have it!

A recording is 30% technology and 70% psychology, that’s why we build a beautiful room with outstanding acoustics where you will feel home and will always find your voice!

Technology and a great engineer is a given, most studios have it. Our difference is all in the human aspect…

Studio 113 is a “judgment free zone”. The only thing that matters is your comfort zone.