Why are your prices so affordable?

Overhead, overhead, overhead…Our recordings are professional quality, our studio is top of the line. We believe singers should not be exploited and pay upwards of a thousand dollars for a recording.

How do I schedule a session?

Click here to book online in a couple easy steps.

What’s your cancelation policy?

48 hr notice for full refund.

What if I wake up sick the day of my recording?

S*@t happens, we understand! We will make our best to reschedule according to availability.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, 50% at the time of booking (via PayPal or credit cards).

How do I receive my files?

Once you have paid the editing balance, we send you a link to download the files in the comfort of your home. For each aria, we send you an mp3 version and a full bandwidth .wav file.

Note: no files will be delivered before reception of editing payments, no exceptions.

What about piano tuning?

The piano is tuned and maintained regularly. However you can request a tuning for your session at the extra cost of $125.

I have never recorded in a studio, can you walk me through the process?

Of course. First we find the ideal mic placement for your voice and adjust the levels (about 5-10 min max). You are not placed in the crook of the piano but a few feet away where we can see each other perfectly. I like to record a full take of an aria and then work by sections from the end, so that we keep the voice fresh and clear. We can record high notes and cadenzas separately. I guide you through the process and let you know what needs to be redone until we feel we have all the materiel necessary.

You can take as many breaks as needed and lounge on a comfy couch. Before you know it, we have all we need and you will be surprised at how easy it was!

How many arias can I record in an hour?

It really depends!

You should count on about 30-45 minutes per aria in order to make sure you have all the takes you need. Some do it quicker, some take more time but never race against the clock to save money, you might to get a “negative return” on your investment.

Is your piano really that good?

Yes. I have played countless pianos in NYC and speak from experience here.

Can I change outifts? (video)

Yes. Up to three total outfits are allowed within the 90 minute session.

Can I receive the audio tracks separately and have them edited? (video)

Yes, but there is a one hour min. editing fee for editing the separated tracks and digital delivery

Can I have the audio edited in a video shoot?

No. If the shoot is single camera as the industry requires mostly. If the shoot is multi camera, audio edits are possible

Do you have “Hair and Make up”?

No, but you will space available to check or touch up

What do I need to do:  just show up? (video)

Yes. Show up prepared to perform, and we will take care of the rest!

I am worried about how I look on camera…

Our lighting and camera work are at professional standards. You can be confident that your video will present you in the most flattering way. We create a recording environment that is both professional AND enjoyable. We love what we do, and feel you will have fun producing a great product with us.

What should I wear? (video)

Wear what you’d wear to an audition. This should be an outfit that you are both comfortable singing in and something that makes you feel confident and attractive. Remember, the colors you wear will reflect off your skin and effect your skin tone. Bring several outfits, we are happy to have you change wardrobe mid shoot.

Could I bypass the studio and record on my own camera or a phone?

No. Our production team is rigorous with their standards and training. Therefore the only recording in our studio is on our equipment by our techs. Besides, putting your best foot forward sets you apart from the 100+ singers vying for the same spot.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credits cards/Paypal transfer and cash, no personal checks.

All I have to do is just make the appointment and the studio time, pianist is booked?

That’s right! Make the appointment and all is set.

Do we need to rehearse?

Do you want to rehearse? Most singers do, some singers don’t. If you are recording pieces outside of the standard vocal repertoire, it is advisable to schedule a rehearsal. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

Is there anything else I should worry about?